New Wave City has been a roaming party and has been held at the following venues-

In chronological order:
The I-Beam (briefly known as The Quake) (closed)
El Rio
South Beach Billiards (closed)
Cat's Grill & Alley Club (now The Cat Club)
The Trocadero (now Glass Kat)
The Oasis (closed)
C.W. Saloon (closed)
The Underground (closed)
Big Heart City (closed)
On Broadway (now Broadway Studios)
The Fillmore
The Garage (L.A.)
The Martini Lounge (L.A.)
King Street Garage (closed)
Club Townsend (closed)
550 Barneveld (now Space 550)
Maritime Hall (closed)
181 Club (closed)
Pound SF (closed)
Justice League (now The Independent)
DNA Lounge
The Raw Hide (closed)
The Cherry Bar (closed)
StudioZ (closed)
Annie's Social Club (closed)


Many early events of New Wave CIty were documented on our original Web site. To find out just how cool each and every one of those events were, check out the Archives section.


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