In the summer of 1992, co-founders Skip and Shindog found themselves in a band that was breaking up. Skip, a regular on the San Francisco club scene from the days of the I-Beam, Earl's, Club Anon, Kabuki Nightclub, Echo Beach, 181 Club, Science Club and others, was disillusioned with the changes that had taken place in music and attitude. Raves, Rap and House music had taken over, none of which were very inspiring. Nightclubs were now meat markets. Bouncers were rude. Cashiers were rude. Bartenders were rude.

Skip was fed up and felt that he could do a better job. So he decided to have a "reunion" party of friends, DJ's, employees from the nightclub on Haight Street called The I-Beam and play the music of the early 80s. A partnership with now ex-bandmate Shindog, an experienced DJ and promoter, was formed.

The goal of the intrepid duo was to play cool music with an inspiring dance sound, and try to bring back the camaraderie, look, feeling and part of the lifestyle of those bygone nightlife days. With all of that in mind, they produced their first event together. Held on a Tuesday night in August and featuring a fashion show with a third partner Samantha Hartley, and special guest DJ Brian Raffi, the party was a raging success. Everyone kept saying, "Please do it again!" and...

Somehow, someway, since that groundbreaking night in 1992, New Wave City is now the longest running club in San Francisco.

For detailed accounts of many of our early events, check out the Archives section.


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